What is Nuru Massage?

Welcome, this page is to answer some questions you may have about the Nuru Massage.  Whether you are performing yourself or seeking this service from a provider, I hope this page will aid you in your quest.

The word “nuru nuru” originates from the Japanese language, which means “slippery”, however, it is believed it was also originated from the name of the Seaweed used to make it, called “Nori”.  Nuru Massage Gel Japanese formula contains powerful moisturizing nori seaweed.  Yes, the same seaweed that your sushi is wrapped in.  When applied to the skin, seaweed detoxifies as well as restore your skin’s tone and vitality.  Seaweed being rich in micronutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes, you fortify your health when devouring your mate.  Can you think of a better way to protect your thyroid than to lap nuru off a slicked breast? The Nuru Gel has thick, highly slippery and elastic properties, in addition, it is tasteless; ideal for a steamy Nuru massage.

Nuru Massage is a full body-to-body sensual body-slide massage that is performed between two nude people with this unique massage gel.  Both partners should take a luxurious shower or bath.  This step is essential for touch, cleansing the participants, and damping the bodies since Nuru is performed whilst wet. Afterwards, the massage recipient will lay on the Nuru Mattress.  The partner will pour the warmed Nuru massage gel directly into the wood bowl and dilute it to desired consistency.  The bowl is rested on one of the towels by the mattress. The anticipation builds for the recipient as the masseuse will now begin pawing and playing with the Nuru and encasing her body with the product.  An seductive, exotic dance is enjoyed  just for your partner!  The masseuse continues to apply the Nuru on the massage recipient and slides on top of him.  This slithering motion is not only highly erotic, but it also massages achy muscles, relieves stress, tension and all healthful benefits of a swedish massage.  Can you think of a better way to receive a full body massage?   Welcome to your introduction to the intoxicating world of Nuru Massage, now let your creativity be your guide.

My word of advice as a Nuru provider, move gingerly.   When I started out, a too enthusiastic movement sent me slip and slide off my friend and into walls.

To learn more about a NURU Massage by Jessie Yum Yum Nurus of Northern Virginia please view



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